Thursday, June 11, 2015

Purge of a Lifetime

For the past eighteen months, my life has been in a complete transformation so much that parts of me are unrecognizable.  This is a good thing but making monumental changes can use up a lot of energy.  I had been so focused on finding myself, creating a thriving business and building a different relationship with my kids that many things were neglected, mainly housework. After pushing hard in business, transforming my being and making a major effort to connect with my kids at a whole new level, the time had come to shift the energy of the home as well.  

On June 2, we embarked on an overhaul of the upper floor.  I can't say that I was excited about it but it was time and from somewhere deep inside, I mustered up the energy to put my shoulder to the wheel and push along...for nine long and labor intensive days.  Everyone laughed at me when I scheduled 10 days for this project but as the days wore on, it was apparent that I may actually have some wisdom in my wee lil' noggin.  

We began with Lizzie's room.  She was moving into Jasmine's old place and in essence, she was downsizing.  Lizzie is an artist at heart.  Every part of her room involved paint brushes, canvases, charcoal, little sketches and pencils of every thickness and collections of beads and twine for jewelry making.  She wouldn't win the June Cleaver award for cleanliness or even be nominated...and even she was shocked when we moved her mattress and  Her move took the longest but the energy of her new room motivated me to keep going.  It was refreshing and peaceful in her new place.  Hearing her tell me that she never wants to let her space get like that again made me proud and glad we put so much time and energy into beautifying her new room.

Next we moved Emma out of the room she shared with Ellie.  Emma is very organized and had 'pre-packed' her things in preparation for her turn.  Her closet actually felt empty and it was hard to avoid adding things to her room just for the sake of filling it up.  Over time, I know she will fill the space but for now, things are organized and in their proper place.  Although she struggled the first few nights, she is settling nicely into having her very own room.

Ellie's room was next and even though she only needed to reorganize, we still needed to wash walls, baseboards and blinds like in the other rooms but with remaining furniture in the way.  It wasn't difficult like Lizzie's room but certainly just as exhausting as we had been pushing hard for many days already.  Ellie loves to keep the little trinkets and her biggest concern was 'when will we get to decorate?'  Eventually, she did have her turn to put up shelving and her glass collectibles on the walls and she and Emma even are starting a 'quote' wall in their rooms.  Ellie still wants to sleep where I am at night but I do think she'll find her way back to her new space soon enough.

Last was our loft.  It looked as though a tornado hit by the time we got to it. So much stuff was moved into it temporarily that we couldn't even walk through it.  We had to send little Ellie in to dig out for us.  It wasn't as horrible as we thought it would be and we finished in about 2 days.  Near the end, the sweet girl I hired to help out I think was just throwing things away but we'll never know and probably never care if she did.

The entire project took a total of 255 man hours (i gave credit to each kid for 4 hours a day of work) between 2/3 adults and we worked for 9 long and intense days.  We hauled off an entire Expedition full of donations, we gathered about 14 bags of trash between 3 bedrooms (yea, don’t ask) and we recovered about 40 pair of underwear and matched numerous lost socks.  All in all, the project was a success AND the kids are keeping it clean and everyone felt a shift energetically.  

I didn't post the worst pictures above...who ever does?  But it was pretty bad and I think it turned out pretty good!

Lizzie's Room "After"

Emma's Room "After"

 Ellie's Room "After"

the Loft "After"

Cleaning and purging things in your home is a funny thing.  It reminds me a lot of throwing up.  At first there is this ache that you just want to go away but you know what it will take for that to happen so you do everything you can to avoid it.  Eventually though, you know what needs to happen and its going to happen whether you like it or not.  So, you do what you need to in preparation for the purge.  In the process, you hate it.  You want it to stop but there is no alternative.  Then, relief.  It is over and the ache that preceded is no longer there. You feel better and you realize that what you were holding on to you needed to be released and you are finally free.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

morning walk on the beach

i am on a trip to southern and mid california for my doTERRA business to train a few leaders and teach a class.  i came a day early to take some time to get grounded and have some much needed alone time.  

the hotel i am staying in has a new state of the art gym with updated modern equipment and such but i decided to ditch the cold, lifeless gym here at the hotel and at 5:40 am, drove to sunset beach to watch the sun 'rise'.  

while there, i took off my running shoes (since i don't run, this made perfect sense) and walked along the shoreline for my morning exercise.  i played a bit with the surf, trying to capture my toes in the sand with my uncooperative camera.  got wet (of course).  i then collected some seashells for the girls that will surely break in my suitcase on the way home.  

i was smiling from ear to ear.  i haven't enjoyed something like this for a very long time.  i sure do love coming home.... 

here are a few highlights of the interesting things i encountered during my impromptu morning at the beach.

A surfing boy (normal), 

some happy little birds (normal) 

and a tractor (abnormal)  

Monday, May 6, 2013

crazy cleanse

so malcolm and i have been doing a pre-cleanse which in reality isn't much of anything other than taking some enzymes and vitamins in prep for the real cleanse. the real cleanse is supposed to help us wipe out the sugar in our diet and get healthy in a super strict way.  like everything organic and clean. uggh.

i have my doubts about how well we will be able to keep at the 'no sugar' thing as our track records proves us to be rather unstable with it comes to sugar discipline.

i am willing to give it another go and see how we do.

until then, i am going to keep eating chocolate covered peanuts and i am sure malcolm will keep drinking coke.

3 days til we begin and it is on a day we have business bootcamp.

success is questionable.

Friday, April 26, 2013

muchado about nothing

it has been over a year since i have blogged about anything.  important or otherwise.  since malcolm and i went into the business of being in business and the whole entrepreneur life, everything has changed.  we are busier than ever but not in a way that is unpleasant or displeasing.  we are enjoying the shift but change has a price.  the price for us has been how we spend our free time or lack thereof as of late.

tonight i had a project to work on and i chose to watch a TV series instead.  i don't even know what the title is...something about a candle and a lark?  the bbc has great programming and while i am choosing to avoid my work (the script for a video series i am going to film tuesday) just 'being' is kind of nice for now.

it is my intention to pick up some blog time in the near future as to chronicle the crazy mixed up activities of our life but until then...i'm going to sit and do nothing

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Note from A Child

Cleaning up this morning,
I found a note on the floor in the kitchen.
I think it is Ellie's.
It reads:

dear mom and dad,

I *heart* you because you pack my luch every day
exexpt wednesday
(spelling errors included)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

lovely ladies

recently i had the girls photographed
brie and jas in the summer 
and just last month, 
the three E's

it had been a mere 8 years 
since the last photo shoot

here are just a few shots of the kids
maybe i am biased 
but i kind of think
they turned out quite lovely 


 this probably won't happen again 
for another 8 years!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas can now come....

Today we finished decorating...
(well...sort of)
But enough so that
Christmas can now show up on the 25th

Sunday, December 12, 2010

friday i spent the day up in logan with brianne for her birthday.  jasmine was there and we only had a few hours together.  brianne wanted to eat at le nonne which ended up being pretty good for a little house turned restaurant.  then we went to 'the mall' and she picked out a blackberry for her new cell phone.  it was a nice day and on the way home, i realized (again) how beautiful life is and how grateful i am for where we live, my family and my friends.  i am one very blessed woman...